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Plantation Shutters


Plantation Shutters are one of the most popular and attractive window enhancements available in the industry today. Our Plantation Shutters are expertly measured, installed and custom built to fit your exact window measurements, made to last a lifetime.

You can choose from a traditional tilt rod or opt for a “hidden” tilt rod which hides the tilt rod and offers the ultimate unobstructed view. Handcrafted with careful attention to detail, our shutters can be painted or stained to match your decor in your home.

Plantation Shutters offer an attractive and practical solution to help control light level, privacy, noise, heat and ventilation in any environment.

Choose Your Shutter Range


Seattle is manufactured fully from MDF and is extremely durable. It comes available in 9 shades of white, cream & grey colours as standard and is our best selling range.


Georgia has an MDF frame & rails with ABS louvres. It comes available in 28 colours and is a very stable shutter.



Boston has an MDF frame with a basswood panel. It comes available in 5 shades of white/cream and is our entry level hardwood shutter.


Montana is the highest Shutter range manufactured from Softwood and is available in 45 painted/stained different colours.


Hollywood is the only range which is fully waterproof and is available in 6 shades of white/cream.

Choose Your Shutter Style

Full Height

The Full Height style covers the full-height of the window. It suits all types of windows/rooms and is available with/without a dividing rail and a split louvre option at no extra cost.

Tier On Tier

The Tier on Tier style is split to allow you to operate the top/bottom doors independently, so you can have the top or bottom doors open or closed as you please. These are great for tall windows and sash windows.


Our shutters are made to measure to suit with any shape of window and can be configured to operate how you wish them to.  

Bay Windows

Our shutters are designed to suit any type of bay window perfectly. 

Tracked Shutters

Our Tracked shutters are great to cover large windows & doors. It enables the doors to bi-fold against each other to access the window or doorway. 


The Cafe’ style is designed to only cover 1/2 to 3/4 of the height of the window and is popular in Victorian properties. It enables you to have privacy without reducing the light level through the window. 

Choose Your Louvre Size

This size is the smallest louvre size available and is most popular in older properties. With this size louvre, it can give a more classic feel to the window and can help add character to the window/room.

The 63mm louvre is our most popular louvre size as it works in all common window sizes. Alot of our customers like this size as it offers privacy when the louvres are tilted.

This size louvre is the newest size to the range and is a great option for people who like the larger louvre size. 

This size is the largest size louvre available and is perfect for large window/door areas where you want to allow plenty of light into the room without the option of privacy. 

Choose Your Tilt Rod Option

Hidden Tilt Rod

This is our best-selling option as the rod mechanism to move the louvres is built into the frame of the shutter doors to give you a non-obstructive view. This option does incur an additional 10% surcharge onto the price of the shutter.

Central Tilt Rod

This is also another popular option to give you that traditional shutter appearance. The rod is located down the middle of the doors and isn’t suitable with a split louvre operation. 

Offset Tilt Rod

This option gives you the benefit of a tilt rod and a clearer view when the shutter is open. 

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