Primrose Awning Brackets

About Our Awning Brackets


All of our brackets are custom-made to order as we are unable to stock every model of bracket. The brackets are fabricated with a mounting plate specific for your Primrose awning bracket and are typically powder-coated in White/Grey to match your Primrose awning.

Fixings are not supplied but all our brackets come with pre-drilled holes and caps to cover the fixing holes to the wall and include studs/nuts to attach your Primrose awning bracket. Brackets can be galvanized and powder coated in a different colour upon request. Please note, the price may vary for a different colour or to have the brackets galvanized.

Our Bracket Types

Spreader Brackets

The Spreader Brackets are used for single storey extension. Designed to spread the load down from the top of the wall and is ideal for end fix awnings. £144.40 + VAT per Bracket. Includes Free Delivery

Offset Spreader Bracket

This style of bracket is perfect if you are not being able to get near the fixing position? The Offset Spreader bracket allows a fixing position away from your wall it allows the flexibility of installation in reveals and over patio windows. £160 + VAT per Bracket. Includes Free Delivery. 

Centre Spreader Bracket

 The Centre Spreader bracket is to be used purely to support any middle fixing points on awnings larger than 4m wide. This bracket is designed to only be used to prevent any bouncing in the awning and shouldn’t be used at either of the ends of the awning. £110 + VAT per Bracket. Includes Free Delivery. 

Gutter Brackets

The Gutter Bracket is designed to create a solution where extra height is needed when fitting awnings to bungalows with low roof lines or outward opening doors where additional height is required. £190 + VAT per Bracket. Includes Free Delivery.

Offset Gutter Brackets

The Offset Gutter Brackets are used for single storey extension. Designed to raise the awning higher then the gutter line and spread the load down the wall and is ideal for end fix awnings. £200 + VAT per Bracket. Includes Free Delivery. 

Tile Brackets

 Tile brackets enable awnings to be fitted where peg tiles or slates are fitted. £145 + VAT per Bracket. Includes Free Delivery.

Waste Pipe Brackets

The Waste Pipe bracket allows you to install an awning in front of the waste pipe. £127 + VAT per Bracket. Includes Free Delivery. 

Free-Standing Post

Sometimes there is a need for shading but nowhere to install a awning, a free standing post will enable a awning to be fitted without and buildings. These posts can be designed for most installations. Price on Application. 

Free- Standing Frame

Free standing frame is ideal for back to back awnings to enable an awning to be installed without using a building for support. These are a popular option in the commercial environment. Price On Application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attach my awning bracket to these brackets?

With our brackets, we include colour-coded caps to cover the front holes of the bracket and also studs with nuts to attach your Primrose awning bracket (supplied with your Primrose awning). To attach the bracket, simply undo the nuts, slide your awning bracket on and then tighten the nuts up with a 17mm spanner or ratchet & socket.

On our online form located at the bottom of this web-page, by selecting your Primrose awning model, our fabricators have the exact stud positions for all of the Primrose awnings. So you will have the peace of mind, that when you receive our specialist brackets, the Primrose awning bracket will fit perfectly.

Not sure what awning model you have?

If your not sure what Primrose awning you have ordered, please either call us on 01799 615000 or email us on and one of our helpful members of staff will be able to advise you.

What is the lead time between order & delivery?

The lead time between ordering and delivery is around 2-3 weeks from order but this does differ during peak times.

Because all of our brackets are custom-made specifically to your awning model, our fabricators manufacture them and then powder-coated in your chosen RAL colour.

If you are fitting the brackets yourself, we will email you, the tracking details once the brackets have been dispatched, so you know when they are due to arrive. If they are due to arrive on a day, when you are not available, there is an option to re-book the delivery or arrange for re-delivery, if the delivery driver has already attempted delivery.

What's included in the prices quoted?

Included in the prices quoted is as follows:

  • Colour-coded cover caps to cover the mounting holes
  • Fixings to attach your awning bracket (Supplied with your awning) to our brackets.
  • Free delivery to Mainland UK.
  • Powder-coating in RAL 9016 (White) or RAL 7011 (Grey) to match your awning. Additional colours are available and may be subject to an additional cost.

Are fixings supplied with the brackets?

We do supply fixings to attach your awning bracket (supplied with the awning) to our brackets. 

Unfortunately we do not supply the fixings (to fix our brackets to the wall/construction) with our brackets as it does heavily depend on what the brackets is being fixed into. Depending on the construction, you would typically use a threaded coach bolt & rawl plug. 


What guarantee comes with the brackets?

Our brackets come with a 12 month guarantee.