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Markilux 1600


Key Features

• Has a round 85mm diameter torsion bar

• Maximum Dimensions: 7.1m wide x 4m projection.

• An optional LED light bar is available and can operate off the same handset, so you can continue to enjoy the evenings.

• Available with a choice of 5 RAL frame colours to choose from at no extra cost.


Another award-winning awning from Markilux. With a broad range of fabric styles and frame colours, the Markilux 1600 awning is a fantastic, contemporary option for those looking to improve their patio or outdoor space.

As a semi cassette awning from Markilux, the underneath is open, however it gives the appearance of being a full cassette awning when closed. The top cover profile adapts itself to the angle of the awning pitch and closes completely flush with the front profile when retracted, meaning the cover is completely protected from rain and snow.

With a choice of either manual or motorised operation, integrated LED lights, Shade-plus for extra privacy and sun protection and many more customisation features, the choices are endless.

The impressive design from Markilux provides strength and durability while keeping a sophisticated and sleek design. The Markilux 1600 awning has a round 50mm torque bar, offering excellent resistance to any twisting and deflection. The awning has a double steel-link chain system in the arms with an optional ‘bionic tendon’ system.

The coverboard is fitted with a brush which removes most of the dirt and debris as the awning is being retracted. The coverboard adapts itself to the pitch of the awning automatically thanks to a unique and patented mechanism, meaning that there is no gap between the coverboard and the front profile.

Various options are available that allow you to enhance the Markilux 1600 and truly make it your own. These features include LED lighting, increasing your comfort and creating a desirable ambience, whilst the ShadePlus, sunlight sensors and Virabox are also available.

We believe in the products we sell, which is why every Markilux Awning from us comes with a product guarantee and a long-life expectancy. When purchasing your Markilux awning from Saffron Shutters and Awnings, you know you’re in good hands. Begin your journey of transforming your patio or outdoor area and get in touch with our friendly team today.

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