Key Features of a Glassroom


• Soft closing system

• Easy close and park option

• Perfect transitions, also barrier-free

• Elegant handle and lock versions

• CleanCase for easy cleaning

• Useful for all patio roofs



The Glass Room offers a sheltered and shaded outdoor space at a fraction of the cost of a built extension it is an alternative option to a house extension or a conservatory. Offering a wind and water sheltered space, that unlike the enclosed build of extension or conservatory, has the benefit of opening on all sides to access and embrace the garden when needed. With a roof mounted taunt awning over the 10.8mm laminated glass, a shaded and cosy environment is assured. Add our infrared shortwave radiant heaters and LED lights to create the perfect indoor-outdoor space. By adding glass walls and doors to the Terrazza patio roof frame, the Glass Room is complete. Terraza roofs can be retrofitted with all glass elements at any time, to transform your terrace into a conservatory space. Whether you want it protected and cosy or fresh and airy, with the easy glass sliding door you experience pure living enjoyment – on your patio. Our glass doors offer reliable weather protection and thanks to the frameless design you always enjoy full transparency. The glass elements can be moved very easily and without effort to leave your patio open to the garden.